Saturday, 19 May 2012


Welcome to my blog!

While drawing and arts have been my favorites during the childhood days, I began to love computer graphics and animations as I grew. The curiosity led me into learning some exciting tools, software and acquire newer qualifications with them. 

I publish this blog as a collection of items that I made from my days as beginner to the times when I started getting some foothold in this vast field. While I am still learning each day, I aspire to be a master of my field! I hope you like the little collection of my work here and I would appreciate your comments and feedback for further improvement.

Thanks for visiting and keep coming back! 


  1. Very good initiative! Keep adding new posts with more and more creative content. All The Best !

  2. I would like to read more content from your childhood memories of growing years, which I've been part of....cherishing teenage memories...(Kash fir sey aa jaata) !!

  3. gr8 start pallavi.. keep posting